I spent over twenty years as a competitive runner, twelve of those as a professional. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to pass along the knowledge I gained during those years. This how-to-guide contains twelve chapters that can help you improve as a runner. (55 page digital download) 

How to Be a Better Runner (Downloadable eBook)

  • Chapter 1: Periodization

    Chapter 2: Mileage

    Chapter 3: Coaching

    Chapter 4: Goal Setting 

    Chapter 5: Cross-Training 

    Chapter 6: Injuries & Illness 

    Chapter 7: Diet 

    Chapter 8: Gear 

    Chapter 9: Sex & Masturbation 

    Chapter 10: Nerves & Anxiety

    Chapter 11: Your Best Event

    Chapter 12: Talent 

    Bonus: Going Pro